As a script doctor and story consultant, Garcia-Rios has lent her skills to a variety of documentaries, building on each filmmaker’s distinctive voice and vision to rewrite and restructure their film at different stages — from assembly to fine cut.

Among the projects she has collaborated on are:

  • Siqueiros: Walls of Passion, about David Alfaro Siqueiros, one of Mexico’s greatest muralists (Lorena Manríquez & Miguel Picker / World Channel, PBS, 2020).
  • Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart, about playwright Lorraine Hansberry, author of A Raisin in the Sun (Tracy Heather Strain / American Masters, PBS, 2018).
  • Ulysses’ Journey, about a Chilean family split between Salvador Allende and General Pinochet (Lorena Manríquez / 2014).
  • Nuestros Desaparecidos / Our Disappeared, about the thousands of people who disappeared during Argentina’s military dictatorship in the mid-1970s (Juan Mandelbaum / Independent Lens, PBS, 2009).
  • Traces of the Trade, about the descendants of a slave-trading family from Rhode Island (Katrina Browne / Premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival / POV, PBS, 2008).
  • The Borinqueneers, about the Puerto Rican 65th Regiment and its experience in the Korean War (Noemi Figueroa Soulet / PBS, 2007).

With no previous knowledge of this complicated military subject, Patricia dove right in, immersing herself into the essence and the details of the story in a very short time. Her work on the film’s structure and storytelling ensured that viewers could easily follow its intricate plot and still be moved by its characters.

Noemi Figueroa Soulet – producer/director, The Borinqueneers